Wexford FC Introduces Teddy the Therapy Dog

In celebration of World Autism Month, Wexford FC proudly announces the arrival of our newest team member, Teddy, our therapy labradoodle. Teddy’s mission is to bring joy, comfort, and support to players, fans, and the wider Wexford community during match days and special events. In a first for the League of Ireland, her presence is a unique symbol of the commitment to our work in the Wexford community.

The Benefits of Teddy’s Presence:

  1. Emotional Well-Being: Teddy’s gentle demeanour and affectionate nature create a calming atmosphere. Her presence can alleviate stress and anxiety for both players and fans.
  2. Inclusivity: As an advocate for inclusivity, Wexford FC recognises that autism and other needs affect many individuals within our community. We hope Teddy in some small way bridges gaps, fostering understanding and acceptance.
  3. Community Connection: Teddy isn’t just for the players; she’s here for everyone. Fans can look forward to interacting with her before and after matches in a safe, controlled environment. Her wagging tail and warm eyes will undoubtedly brighten spirits at our stadium and at special events.
  4. Therapeutic Impact: Studies have shown that therapy animals can reduce blood pressure, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being. Teddy’s cuddles and playfulness contribute to a positive match-day experience. Teddy’s handler team are there to create a warm, safe experience for our fans and community.

About Teddy:

  • Breed: 3 Year Old Golden Labradoodle.
  • Training: Teddy is a family pet first, trained, and in ongoing training with Blackwater Therapy Dogs to provide further emotional support.
  • Meet-and-Greets: Look out for Teddy near the stadium entrance. She’ll be available for meet-and-greets with fans and players alike.
  • Loves: Long walks on Curracloe Beach & the Ringwood in Enniscorthy. Also enjoys belly rubs and treats- but only in the presence of our trained handlers to keep Teddy and our community safe and comfortable.

Scott Gaynor, Chief Marketing Officer at Wexford FC, shares his excitement: “Teddy embodies the heart of what our club are trying to do in the community. She symbolises unity, compassion, fun and the bond between our fans, players, and the game we all love. Our women’s games, in particular, embrace a unique culture—one where fans are encouraged to bring their pets. Our captain Kylie Murphy has her own “Teddy” and we want to spread that culture. Teddy’s presence certainly amplifies the spirit of the work of our Football in the Community team, led by Mark Ross.

We’ve had discussions with schools and training centres around Ireland, with particular thanks to Anthony Reynolds at NAPD. We’ve also spoken to clubs around the world as to her benefit, and we can’t wait to see how she adds to our match day experience for our supporters and community.

Most importantly we’ve consulted and reviewed and reviewed again as to the positive impact on Teddy’s quality of life. She’s a family pet first, she’s not a toy, but we’re more than just confident after consulting a range of stakeholders that this can have benefits for all involved. And our Sustainability Officer has warned me that any poo bags have to be biodegradable or compostable, so we’re on it!”

Risk Assessment and Ongoing Training:

  • Guided by Blackwater Dog Training: Teddy’s training is in capable hands. Blackwater Dog Training, renowned for their expertise, are ensuring Teddy’s readiness for various scenarios.
  • Hypoallergenic Benefits: Teddy’s coat is hypoallergenic, making interactions comfortable and safe for fans and players alike.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing: Teddy’s presence promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. Her companionship fosters positivity and emotional balance.

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