Q: What is the structure of WST? Can members be held personally liable for any debts that the WST may incur?

A: The WST is being set up as a co-op which facilitates having multiple members all owning an equal single share. We will be governed by the general rules of ICOS (Irish Society of CoOps).  This co-op will fully own the limited company which has the League of Ireland licence. And no, there is no liability for members for any debts or creditors which the club may owe from time to time. 

Q: This is basically fundraising?

A: While the funds raised by conveying ownership of the club to WST will be welcome and will be put to good use for the club, the amount raised if we hit our projected target will not amount to more than 10% of the club’s annual operating costs, so it is not a game-changer or the key reason we’re doing it. The main benefit will come from the broadening of the supporter/owner base and the increased involvement in the club by a wider community. This, we feel, will increase fan’s sense of buy-in and we hope, will lead to increased input by way of ideas, time, involvement, expertise as well as making us more attractive for sponsors, as a community owned club.

Q: What benefits do I get as a WST member? Do I get a season ticket?

A: The core benefit from becoming a WST member is owning an equal share in the club with a vote at AGM’s on club strategic issues and the election of the Board. There are add-ons such as invitations to members only events and briefings, and free admittance to underage league matches. It does not include a season ticket. There is a value to being a part owner of a League of Ireland club and it should be paid for separately to senior match admittance.

Q: Who can stand for election?

A: Only fully paid up WST members of longer than one year can be elected to the Board. This will be reduced to 6 months on an exceptional basis for 2018 AGM as it will be held less than a year after WST commencement.

Q: What will happen regarding the existing committee?

A: The existing committee, like any other WST members of sufficient duration, can apply for election to the Board at the first AGM in summer 2018.

Q: What happens my share if I stop paying?

A: Your share in the club is only valid for as long as you maintain your subscriptions. If payment stops, your share lapses. Exceptions can be made for temporary periods in hardship cases, on a case by case basis.

Q: Who will be responsible for decision making within the club, who will be responsible for appointment of managers/coaching staff?

A: The Board will be charged with making operational decisions on behalf of WFC/WST, including the decision to appoint managers/coaches.  The Board can appoint sub-committees for the performance of certain tasks if appropriate.

Q: Will the WST own Ferrycarrig Park?

A: No, FP has been bought by a partnership made up of FAI & Wexford Football League. WST will be a full owner of Wexford FC who will be a leaseholder over FP.

Q: Is Wexford Youths Women’s team part of the club?

A: Yes, we have been involved in a process to fully integrate our Women’s team into the club over the last few years.  There are some elements kept separate for operational reasons, such as some fundraising/sponsorships that are provided specifically for either team. 

Q: Why is the Women’s team known as Wexford Youths, will this change? 

A: At the time when Cerberus needlessly put Wexford Youths FC Ltd into liquidation, WYWFC was run out of a different account and so were not bound by or involved in the liquidation. Therefore it was not necessary for a new Women’s club identity, whereas the Men’s League of Ireland licence had to be applied for under a new entity. At the end of this season we will engage with the management and players of WYWFC and decide the way forward.

Q: Who will decide the co-op rules?

A: WST will be bound firstly by the general rules of the Irish Society of Co-Operatives (ICOS) to whom we have applied for membership.  There will be ancillary rules specific to WST as a football club owner, which will be devised by the current committee, but in the absolute best interests of the club.  These can be amended by future democratically elected Boards if they see fit.

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